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1964 326 2v

High Performance Pontiac
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1964 326 2v

shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 01/28/13
09:32 PM

I have a stock 1964 326 2v.  I am looking to replace the top end and am wondering where to find a good combination of heads/ cam/ intake/ carb.  

barnett468 barnett468
User | Posts: 223 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 01/29/13
12:36 AM

hello shamrick

a bit more info would be helpful to offer you the best suggestions like

1. how much money do you have to spend?
2. how fast do you want to go, mild performance or tire burner etc?
3. are you rebbuilding with new postons or just throwing the stuff on top of a used stock motor?
4. daily driver or weekend drive in and racer car?


shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 01/29/13
06:39 AM

Will be rebuilding the bottom half as well, 1-2k is what I'd like to spend. And just looking to get the horse power over 300. And weekend driver.  

Pontiacman8 Pontiacman8
Moderator | Posts: 5779 | Joined: 02/08
Posted: 01/29/13
07:04 AM

What heads are on it now?
Post the casting numbers.  
Engine builder,self taught auto body guy.
Horsepower sells engines and torque wins races


shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 01/29/13
08:06 AM

It's at the shop right now having suspension work done, so I don't have the #s. however, I can tell you it's in a numbers matching 64 lemans with the original 2bbl. I will get the numbers ASAP.  

gtojack1366 gtojack1366
Guru | Posts: 1278 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 01/29/13
03:08 PM

Your stock 326 has 250 hp . The heads should be # 9773345 .I would keep the heads and just change the cam and the intake to a 4 bbl set up . Heads are 192 -166 valves and 68 cc . 8.6 cr and maybe some headers .  

shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 01/29/13
05:54 PM

Thank you, I like the idea of keeping original heads. Aftermarket intakes are hard to find for the '64 any ideas where to look or should I just look for a '64 4bbl manifold. Again, thanks.  

barnett468 barnett468
User | Posts: 223 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 01/29/13
08:29 PM

A couple more questions for ya.

1. Is your $2k a total rebuild cost target oe is it money left over to spend solely on top end and cam?

2. Were your pistons original and if so were they dished or have deep valve reliefs or were they totally flat on top? compression calculator says they were not totally flat and actually had 5cc or more of dish or valve relief etc.

3. did they find pistons, what brand name dished flat or valve relief? very curious

4. will your block be 0 decked or surfaced at all?

5. Cam – do you want to burn the tires with high rpm or just have a mild performer that pulls good from bottom

6. Do you care if idle is slightly rough?

7. Do you have ac or power brakes?

8. What are your stock gears and Are you going to run them or go to higher ratio and/or posi?

Here’s one way to build a mild HP motor on the cheap. Others opinions will vary including cam choice.


summit shows edelbrock performer edl 7156 $249.00, RPM edl 71564 $369.00 for 1965 and up should be same for 64 but check otherwise use the 67 high compression heads listed below, problem solved!


summit holley 4175, 650 cfm, p/n 0-80555C


If you pocket port your existing small valve 8.6 heads you gain around 4% in hp and torque, if you use the 67 heads with the larger valves and 9.2 compression you gain around 10%. It's around $250 just to pocket port your heads. it should be around $250 or less for a pair of 67 heads. you gain 6% more hp and torque for FREE. this is a big gain  


A compression ratio of 8.6 [probably yours see below] is too low for any substantial performance upgrade. It will not be prudent to just install an hp cam with only 8.6 comp. minor compression increases make big torque and hp.increases. You can only use the first comp or lunati cam listed below with your stock 8.6 compression. With only 8.6 compression your car will still feel sluggish.  


Don’t know if anyone makes heads for your car if not you’re stuck with the following. You can only use the first comp or lunati cam with your stock 8.6 compression.

The head that gtojack mentioned has different size valves but same p/n I think there is a descrapancie. I believe the info below is accurate, it came from tuffnuff’s list posted on the site.

Find a good used set that does not need valve seats otherwise they should be cheap. You absolutely do not need hardened seats to run unleaded fuel. Yes they will last longer however the old heads have a higher nodular iron content than the newer ones. You will easily get 100k on them with no seats. The replacement seats can fall out unless you have an extremely experienced install them. I know I was a head machinist for a while and saw nightmares.  For heads try 909-370-0389.

Your head -        1964   326  250 hp  9773345  (845)  1.88/1.60    8.6 cr  

First choice -      1967   326  250 hp                   140   1.92/1.64    9.2 cr

or casting 22, 62 094, 095                                    1.92/1.60    9.2 cr  

Second choice -  1964   326  280 hp  9773395               1.88/1.60  10.0 cr  

WARNING the 9.2-10.5 heads look like some sites say they are all 62 cc's another site says the 65 hop is 60 cc's also pontiac may have dished the piston on the 62 cc heads to get 9.2 instead of 10.0 or 10.5. confused yet. basically you might want to end up with 9.2-9.7 factoring in the increased compression produced by your increased bore size.  


Screw in studs with no guide plates is a very good safety precaution. Don’t use chinese studs. your studs may pull out with a larger cam and heavier springs.

Pocket porting is around $250.00 and will increase flow greatly. If you’re short on money just use the heads recommended above without porting.


Do not use Chinese, use manley or ferrea etc. high flow or just cheap US made stockers.


if you had dished pistons and you replace them with flat tops it should increase your compression by approximately .6 this along with boring your motor .030 should get you close to 9.5. too lazy to use the compression calculator right now. You don’t need expensive forged pistons for a small cam of around 268 advertised duration or less however if you have money to burn it is a very good idea. Use flat top piston’s, I can only find yours at you can probably buy direct and save money. $385.00 cast. badger is your only other hope. there are 6 different pistons for a 326 you might need to call and ask why. why, why? man i hate 326's.


Use inexpensive brand name US made cast iron or molly rings. Either are good for 100k miles.


If you don’t balance it, it may or may not vibrate, take your chances if you don’t do it.


HP type is good idea but necessary as long as your’s looks good. Use cheap Chinese procomp products sfi rated one. Around $100.00


You can only use the first comp or lunati cam with your stock 8.6 compression.

comp xe256h rpm 1000-5200 no smaller ac power brake friendly
comp xe262h rpm 1300-5500
Comp xe268h rpm 1600-5800 no larger

Lunati voodoo 256 p/n 10510701 or 60901 rpm 1000-5300,ac power brakes friendly
Lunati voodoo 262 p/n 10510702 or 60902 rpm 1300-5500
Lunati voodoo 268 p/n 10510703 or 60903 rpm 1600-5800 may need stall conv,


The following results represent different build combinations for your motor.

I also ran the larger xe262h cam and there were only very small gains. You need headers to get over 300hp plus if you use a medium rise dual plane intake like a performer rpm you will gain big hp but also massive torque at much lower rpm’s. torque is king! Medium rise intake is more important than headers if you don’t want headers

carb                       600 for small cam 650 for larger cam
compression            8.6 vs 9.2
exhaust                    high perf cast iron stock [more flow than yours]
intake                     low rise dual plane aluminum
cam                        xe256h
valves                     stock 188/166

hp  246 hp at 4500    331 at 3500 torque    w  8.6 compression
hp  262 hp at 5000    348 at 3500 torque    w   9.5 compression
hp  281 hp at 5000    360 at 3500 torque    w   8.5 compression and small headers
hp  296 hp at 5000    377 at 3500 torque    w   9.5 compression and smallheaders    
hp  320 hp at 5000    387 at 2500 torque    w   9.5 compression and small     headers and dual plane performer rpm type intake

ok i confused myself now!  

gtojack1366 gtojack1366
Guru | Posts: 1278 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 01/30/13
02:10 PM

There are two different 9773345 heads small valve heads and large valve heads .You have to find out what heads you have on the engine . You could even have some other  Pontiac heads ? You never said what the codes were on them ?  

big-g-67gto big-g-67gto
Guru | Posts: 913 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 01/31/13
09:11 AM

+1, on the 67 heads 140's are good heads, 141's will be very hard to find....
a 268 comp cam will be to much for a stock lower end, been there done that...
the 262 comp cam should work well with a stock lower end, got one in a 350 PMD...
an edlebrock carb will bolt right up to a 66 PMD 4bl intake..

I got that Tin Indian GRIN!!

raguza123 raguza123
Enthusiast | Posts: 541 | Joined: 05/12
Posted: 01/31/13
03:06 PM

I have a 326 that was a 2bbl setup, the heads are 093. I had the engine done by a shop, new pistons and bored 040, heads were cleaned and chek'd out, new valves and 3 angle valve job, with hardened seats, the heads were ported and polished.
I run a Edelbrock performer intake with a 600 edelbrock on top. If you are gonna be driving on the street I'd go with a 600 edelbrock performer carb. 1406 or find a Qjet from a 350 Pontiac engine and top it with that. The Qjet was recommended by  The Carb Shop out of Mo., others here also like the Qjets and lots of info on them.
Oh My cam is a Comp cams XE256 cam and lifters and my rockers were all replaced, even my rocker studs. It cost me over 5K, plus some other things I've dun and I love it when it bakes em up.  

shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 02/01/13
10:27 AM

#8773345 on the heads.  

gtojack1366 gtojack1366
Guru | Posts: 1278 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 02/01/13
11:03 AM

There is no 8773345 head the 8 is probably a 9 that would be 9773345 .You need to pull them off to find out if there big valve heads or small valve heads but if they came on that 326 then there probably small valve heads .I would try and find some big valve heads ! or maybe have the valves changed to large valves ? Check with the machine shop . It has been done before .  

barnett468 barnett468
User | Posts: 223 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 02/01/13
08:35 PM


gtojack is most likely correcct in his assumption. this is also what most of the head sites i have seen say. there may also be a small date code and another 2 or 3 digit next to the valve cover rail. the big problem is that your compression will be marginal for most cams to offer a reasonable improvement in performance so different heads are better. please reread my post carefuly, there is a lot of info in. please answer as many questions i asked that you can if you want more help otherwise we are just "shooting in the dark" as to what might be best for you based upon your answers.

What pistons did they find?


shamrick shamrick
New User | Posts: 15 | Joined: 05/11
Posted: 02/01/13
10:44 PM

1- I don't want to spend much over 3k on the total rebuild
2-haven't got the motor torn down yet ( trying to decide which direction to go first )
4- not sure
5- mild performance, but drivability. Like to be able to drive to car shows.
6- rough idle doesn't bother me
7- no a/c yes power breaks
8- not sure but don't believe it to have posi. The 326 + powerglide = never having the tires break free.
I have a trusted mechanic to do the build, just looking for direction. I'm sorry I don't have all the info due to my ignorance, I know enough to get in trouble. I will post the info on the pistons and gears when I get it. Thanks for the info you provided ( its alot!)I will pass it to my guy.
Again much appreciated.  

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