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Open Invitation To Post Here

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Open Invitation To Post Here

tuffnuff tuffnuff
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Posted: 12/16/13
10:51 AM

This post is intended to invite viewers or "lurkers" as regulars candidly call them, without malice of course.,. to sign up, if they haven't already and join us in our forum community.
There are rumors of other sites having a "climate" change for the worse.,. and have since moved on or simply closed their account.
This forum will be Moderated in the same fashion/style as some of our sister sites.
Some forums are vibrant and alive, with a great fellowship of serious members, that I/we would like to usher them here as well.
EVERYONE is welcome, but please leave the baggage at the entrance door.,. if it is snide, crude, derogatory or does NOT comply with our forum rules, or for that matter.,. good common sense.
I'm prepared to overlook many things and will cut a lot of slack and latitude to serious posters. Thanks.


When The Flag Drops.,.


The Bull ***t Stops.,.

P. Engineer, Engine Builder