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HPP going the way of our beloved brand?

High Performance Pontiac
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HPP going the way of our beloved brand?

barneyformula barneyformula
Addict | Posts: 3306 | Joined: 01/07
Posted: 05/30/14
11:56 AM

Greetings Pontiac lovers. It appears we have some bad news coming our way as Source Interlink Media has announced their intention to scrap HPP the way GM scrapped Pontiac. It might have been nice if some notice had been given to us by the magazine via this forum, instead I read about it on a Facebook group and took it upon myself to search the web and found this article proving that it was not just a rumor.

The sad thing is that they showed a complete lack of understanding of the demographic buying the affected magazines. They saw fit to roll HPP into HotRod magazine of all tiltes! Mad  I haven't bought a HotRod magazine in 20 years and I know many who don't simply because HotRod is the domain of Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington style dream rides not real world restorations, a place where $10,000 is considered a "budget" engine build, where the idea of swapping SBC and LS engines into any make and model is the norm rather than scorned as it is in HPP.
Today is a sad day for HPP fans. I guess I will just spend my money on MuscleCar Review and Hemmings Muscle Machines and hope they stay the course.
Steve Frown  
A little help... 'cause we don't all have to learn the hard way!

shyrgfuh3 shyrgfuh3
Enthusiast | Posts: 496 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 05/30/14
12:21 PM

Hi barneyformula;

Thanks for the info.

Ok so the mags on the left will no longer exist and they will be "integrated" into the magazines on the right to minimize duplicate content. The biggest prob I see is with integrating HPP with Hot Rod since few people hot rod Pontiac's, therefore I don't see how there can be duplicate info between these two mags. Plus a 5.0 is a Mustang so ok, put it with the other Mustangs if you must, but a Pontiac is a Pontiac. It is not a hot rod. Not too many chopped, channeled and smoothed Firebird's in Hot Rod Magazine the last time I looked.

They have also drastically changed the forum format on the Mustang Monthly and Chev High Perf sites to one that I think is horrible. I quit using Mustang Monthly forum because of it, but it's their company.

Affected Title                                                                                    Relevant Core Brand

Popular Hot Rodding                                                                      Hot Rod

Rod & Custom                                                                                   Street Rodder

High Performance Pontiac                                                           Hot Rod

Custom Classic Trucks                                                                    Classic Trucks

4 Wheel Drive& SUV                                                                       Four Wheeler

Mud Life                                                                                              Four Wheeler

5.0 Mustang                                                                                       Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Modified Mustangs & Fords                                                          Mustang Monthly

Camaro Performers                                                                        Super Chevy

GM Hi-Tech                                                                                        Super Chevy

Import Tuner                                                                                     Super Street

Honda Tuning                                                                                    Super Street  

bigD bigD
User | Posts: 155 | Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/30/14
02:02 PM

I assume that means that this website and forum are history also.   Frown

Hey, there are some GREAT mag articles that are not available anywhere else, unless you have the mags. It would be a shame to lose all that great stuff !  Frown  

Brazil Brazil
Addict | Posts: 3964 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 05/30/14
02:36 PM

I've seen the changes you mention Shy, and have also abandoned Mustang Monthly. It did come in handy when I first got my wife her '66 Coupe a while back. MM never had the friendship factor of the HPP forum. Although we occasionally disagree and snip at each other, we all respect our gangs knowledge and willingness to help. That's not the case on most automotive forums. I've learned so much that I wish I had known earlier.

If this forum fades away I will miss it. Especially the friendships that have developed over the past years. I would like to put all the information on some permanant format. Even the "Knight's" thread which Barneyformula started and everyone picked up on. It has been like the garage lunchroom for several years now, and continues to be one of the most viewed threads.  

shyrgfuh3 shyrgfuh3
Enthusiast | Posts: 496 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 05/30/14
03:01 PM

hello brazil;

if you need another mustang forum try i am over there under a mustang type user name. they have around 4 prissy, snotty guys that think they know it all, but it is active and you will eventually get the accurate info you need.

vmf [] is full of prissy, snotty guys, so i quit there. it's beyond horrible how they belittle others there just because they ask simple questions. the moderators are also totally useless a ho... i simply quit posting there due to it.

if someone is a b head but they know their stuff, i can live with that, but id they ar a b head and they don't well...

hey at least if one gets wrong info here, it at least usually comes with a smile.

As bigD queried, I also now wonder if they will dump this or other forums they own and if so, will they even warn us. Some here might want to exchange emails before hand to keep in periodic contact etc..  

raguza123 raguza123
Enthusiast | Posts: 537 | Joined: 05/12
Posted: 05/30/14
04:00 PM

This is a sad sad day, I've been reading HPP for 20+ yrs and will miss it as it will disappear like everything else does. Not only has GM giving up on Pontiac so does one of the last truly pontiac mags left. Change suks now we have to read about chevy's all the time.  

shyrgfuh3 shyrgfuh3
Enthusiast | Posts: 496 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 05/30/14
04:07 PM

hi wayne;

i do not understand your post.

are they going to stop this site?

if so when?

tuffnuff, i and others post on the chev site regularly. i posted there twice yesterday.  

Torquey400 Torquey400
New User | Posts: 27 | Joined: 03/14
Posted: 05/30/14
04:31 PM

Hey Guys,
 I have learned a lot and tried to pass on what I could the last 6 yrs. You guys are the best, not only about Pontiacs but your personality's rock.
I have met a couple of you and that was really cool (can't take that away).
Somehow I knew this would come sooner or later, hell can't blame them, you can't pay people with atta-boys. It really went longer than I thought.
 So maybe somehow somewhere Pontiac will open it's doors again and they will need a mag for all the owners to read.
  Farewell good friends, and see ya on Facebook or something. Frown

PS: I'd like to see Stillwell's face if he ever comes back.

  your friend  Grin Torqued400  Rob  

shyrgfuh3 shyrgfuh3
Enthusiast | Posts: 496 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 05/30/14
04:41 PM

"Farewell good friends, and see ya on Facebook or something."

unfortunately i wouldn't be caught dead on a site that has just tin bieber, j blo, lindsay lohand, the kardassians, taylor not so swift, monica blewinsky, miley virus...  

idrivejunk idrivejunk
Addict | Posts: 5165 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 05/30/14
04:56 PM

Yep my CHP bookmark took me to Super Chevy this morning instead.  Mad  Change is inevitable, in everything.

I suppose if the archive is transferred we should be happy. But HRM? Damn. Oh well, friends find ways.

Take comfort in the fact that Pontiac was so successful when it was. Theres still plenty for us so let's use them all up!  

Pontiacman8 Pontiacman8
Moderator | Posts: 5779 | Joined: 02/08
Posted: 05/30/14
06:23 PM

What a shame, This is one of the most active sites that I'm on.
Yes very sad.

I haven't posted on hotrod in years.  
Engine builder,self taught auto body guy.
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wayne712222 wayne712222
Moderator | Posts: 235 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 05/30/14
07:21 PM

the forum links even though they look like they all go to super chevy.. are actually individual forums.. with all the past posts available..  just a different format...

check them out carefully..

when the 4wheel drive group merged.. all data and forum posts were lost.. i alerted some staffers to redo the changes so individual forum info still exists...

the other forums were really slow.. mostly because of people telling... oh.. try this other forum its better..  so they left.. the pop up ads and duplicate postings issue did not help either..  

i had gotten the duplicated posting fixed several times but who ever knew how to fix it has left the company.. this forum software is from 2005..or 2006.. so its generations old..  

so.. use your existing bookmarks as you will be redirected to what looks different. but its just new.. improved.. shiny..  trick of the week stuff...  

the IT staff must hate me as my requests to keep the forum data intact cost them months of extra work and programming..  sorry IT GUYS..

when magazines get printed and go out and sit on the racks.. only to come back at the end of the sales term unsold.. it hurts the bottom line..   with the reduced spending power.. less magazine sales have forced changes..  

you might also recall what the cash for clunkers did to the engine rebuilding and auto repair industry a few years back..  that is also kinda my fault.. but that's all i will say..  

JoePentium JoePentium
User | Posts: 174 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 05/30/14
07:25 PM

Hey Guys, well...hell, I hate to say it but we just got bundled.
I guess I am on my own now with the GA. There ain't no frickin way I am going to read about LS this and LS that.
I was always outside of the other car guys in my town because I saw something in Pontiac engineering and style, anyone who was not C$%@y,F^&d,or D*^$e were laughed at. Pontiac guys were always the underdogs..., but I would rather be an underdog than a lemming any day of the week.
Well thanks for the help and support guys, I'm gonna go get a drink Mad  
"If programmers were architects, a single woodpecker could wreck civilization."

shyrgfuh3 shyrgfuh3
Enthusiast | Posts: 496 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 05/31/14
07:27 AM

Ok, I just checked out what i guess will be our new home at the hit rod magazine forum. this is what i saw.

1. A few new posts a day.

2. With the exception of around 4 threads, the first 7 pages dating back 6 months contained nothing but some power tour threads...boooring.

3. One of the mechanical threads was a guy with an LS1 engine [what a surprise], and he wanted to know what type of power he would have if he removed his orig tpi intake, installed a victor jr open plane intake, installed a throttle body injected carb, disabled the throttle body injection and instead, plug his LS1 injectors into the intake ports near the head.

WTF? Perhaps Wayne could explain why and how this could even be done.

Let's just all go over there and take over their site and turn it into a Pontiac site, lol. I'll be over there to see what happens.  

Brazil Brazil
Addict | Posts: 3964 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 05/31/14
07:42 AM

Excellent suggestion - I'm in!  

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